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Note, however, in all intellectual honesty that many of the students and received successfully follow and get to the exit of situations no class technique, normal traditional homework helper
or modern can not reach will give them and authorizing the director to say, not without reason, let's face it objectively, that cramming payroll, it allows spectacular rescues, as he prepares for life as it forges the necessary weapon to overcome: a job. " These observations deserve to be admitted examinations which we will study the technical. We will put here problems rather than pretending to answer in a few lines: a) Indeed, as the exams will control only the knowledge regardless of the training that gives them life, the best way to prepare for it will cramming, auto repeat exams, memory and by-heart. We believe that: - there are ways to prepare for these examinations smarter; - and eventually we try to operate if necessary rapid cramming less stultifying, since our teaching we will open the minds of our students; - and above all, we will try to change the exams.

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The Composition About Mobility: Are You Complimentary Or Not?

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